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Limited Edition Print

Quantity Limited to:  50 prints

Print Size:  12” x 16" or 14” x 20” (custom sizes available upon request)

Paper:  Canon Photo Paper Plus | Semi-gloss finish with a velvety texture that provides for vibrant images with little to no glare. 

Prints:  All limited edition prints are meticulously handcrafted, numbered and signed with an archival micro pigment ink pen. Each print is cut to size by hand using a Rotatrim 24" professional cutter.

Delivery:  Prints are securely packaged in a 24"x 5"x 18" side loading fine art shipping container to ensure a damage free transport.



This image was taken in October of 2017 while at a photography workshop in Acadia National Park in Bangor, Maine. This photo is perhaps my favorite of the lot from the 5 days I spent there. During this particular evening, we finally received the high level clouds we were longing for, which is perfect for catching the color from the setting sun. The red and pink tones in the sky along with the stones in the foreground leading the eye into the scene are the two elements I most wanted to capture here. When I first created the initial print of this image I noticed that there's a 3D quality to the stones in the foreground - I'm not sure what caused this effect, but I wish I knew how to replicate it:)  Check it out! Take a look at the digital image then look at the printed image and see the difference. I thought it was pretty cool! 

Technical Specs:

Sony A7rii Full Frame Camera | Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens | 2.5 sec at f/11, ISO 400