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Limited Edition Print

Quantity Limited to:  50 prints

Paper Size:  17" x 22"

Print Size:  16" x 20"

Margins:  bottom 2.25 in / top 1.25 in / sides 1.25 in 

Paper:  Canon Photo Paper Plus | Semi-gloss finish with a velvety texture that provides for vibrant images with little to no glare. 

Prints:  All limited edition prints are meticulously handcrafted, numbered, embossed and signed with an archival micro pigment ink pen. Each print is cut to size by hand using a Rotatrim 24" professional cutter.

Delivery:  Prints are securely packaged in a 24"x 5"x 18" side loading fine art shipping container to ensure a damage free transport.

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The Payne Stewart statue at the Pinehurst Resort is one of golfs most iconic symbols. A commemorative memory of a celebratory Payne Stewart near the 18th green on Pinehurst #2 where he struck this pose as he hit the final shot that won the 1999 US Open. Four short months later Payne Stewart was tragically killed in a plane crash. Golf fans worldwide travel here and can be seen snapping photos of each other striking "the pose" next to Payne. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the image is how it appears that Payne is saluting the rising sun as if to say, "here's to another day - make it count."

Technical Specs:

Sony A7rii Full Frame DSLR | Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 lens | 1/13 sec at f/16, ISO 50