5 reasons you should attend a landscape photography workshop was inspired by a landscape photography conference I just attended in Acadia National Park. I had the opportunity to work with THOMAS HEATON, NICK PAGE, ERIN BABNIK, and many other world class landscape photographers during this workshop.
Focus Stacking! Also know as, a Landscape Photographers best friend! In this video, I'll show you the Photoshop and Lightroom work flow I use to create my focus stacked images along with providing you with pointers to shoot the images required to create a focus stacked image. So, what exactly is Focus Stacking?
Want to know how to make dreamy landscape photos using the Orton Effect in Photoshop? The Orton Effect is one of my favorite finishing touches to apply during my post processing workflow. This effect was developed by photographer, Michael Orton, in the mid-80's with the purpose of imitating water color paintings.
In this episode, I tackle the great debate as to whether or not landscape photography filters are worth the money. It really comes down to one thing, where do you want to spend your time. You can either spend more time outdoors behind your camera, or inside behind your computer.
What IS going on friends? Big day for me, been looking forward to this all year - nothing beats a new photography travel bag! After months of waiting, just received my F-stop Ajna + Red Bull Photography Travel Bag and I couldn't be more stoked to share my first impressions with ya!
In this video, I discuss my favorite mobile editing app, Snapseed and show you how I edit my photos anywhere using this splendid app. No longer do you have to sacrifice your editing process in order to share a photo on social media fast.
200 Tripod VS $1,400 Tripod! Landscape Photography Edition: A sturdy, portable and reliable tripod is one of the most important tools in a Landscape Photographers kit, but does expensive necessarily mean better? In this video, I compare a $200 BENRO Tripod and a $1,400 Really Right Stuff tripod to determine if cost really matters.
In this episode, I show you how to fake depth of field and bokeh within your portrait and landscape images. We all love the shallow depth of field look, and being able to create this effect within your Photoshop editing workflow is a wonderfully useful creative editing technique to know.
In this episode, I share the 3 methods I use most often to sharpen my images, along with a basic overview of how Photoshop determines where and how much sharpening to apply. An understanding of how this is done will enable you to create your sharpest images ever.

Looking for the perfect camera bag?? Well, I found it! 

Want to make better photos fast?? In this episode, we chat about the Lightroom workflow I use for all of my landscape images. 

In this episode, I'm in the low country of Charleston, South Carolina. My original plan for this shoot was to photograph the drift wood along Bone Yard Beach, but due to damage from Hurricane Mathew the footbridge was no longer passable.

In this episode, I travel home from sunny Minneapolis to discuss the "other" frequently asked question(s) I receive and how Landscape Photography has enabled me to slow down, enjoy my surroundings, and "stop and smell the roses". Enjoy! 

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear, "What's In Your Bag?". 

Based on feedback from my most recent video, I decided it was time to make some changes. Thanks for the advice everyone!

I recently surpassed 5,000 Facebook fans on my photography page! The first year response and support for the page has been overwhelming and I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you! Here's to an even better 2017! Happy New Year, All!